About Flora Sofia

Hi this is Flora and I wanted to tell you a little about myself.

I am a model and actor who was born and raised in Brazil. I am the youngest of 3 siblings whom I love; I love life and all that it has to offer.

The reason why I have created this women’s empowerment service is because I have personally lived through drastic situations that could have led me to become another sad statistic but after discovering and practicing what I teach here, I was able to turn my life around completely.

I’ve had the privilege to teach these principles to friends and family and after seeing the positive results they were getting, I thought it’s time I share it with as many women as possible. Being a woman and knowing the power that we women have in our hands I am really passionate about contributing to women’s happiness. It’s time we stop giving in to society’s pressure, to violence, and to dis-empowerment.

Now, here is a little bit about my journey:

I grew up in a family of intellectuals and was groomed to be an intellectual myself. There wasn’t a lot of time for fun and luxury since mom, as a single parent public defender, had a lot on her plate and could use all the help she could get.

That was enough to motivate me to gain financial independence and be able to help at home so I started tutoring Spanish when I was 16, not knowing it would be the start of a 7 year long career as a teacher and translator.

However, what happened before that is what is really important: my parents separated when I was a baby and my dad established a new life with a new wife. When parents separate it takes an emotional, economical, and spiritual toll on adults and kids alike. But my family counted with the added “blessing” of a third party that brought more distress, spread out hatred, sadness, anger, and malevolence into our lives. When that collided with the reality of a single parent (who didn’t have any support) and her small children, chaos settled in. As a result I grew up with an nonexistent sense of self-esteem, I couldn’t trust people, and I didn’t think I was worthy of happiness. Those were brutal lessons for a child to learn, but one of the benefits was that I decided at a young age who I didn’t want to be for others. Also, because of being exposed to it 24/7, I learned what can happen when women are unhappy and dis-empowered.

Fast forward to 2004, here I was… recently arrived to the USA after answering to my inner calling: going to see what the world outside Brazil was about. Ever since I moved here I’ve always had people ask if I was a model. After hearing that time and time again it became a dream and (after moving through my own resistance and limiting beliefs) I decided to embark in this fun and rewarding career of modeling and acting (with the wonderful help from my coaches). None of this would have happened had I not empowered and believed in myself – after all I was solo and I had a lot of conditioning against modeling and bad beliefs about myself to break through – and the only way I could do it was by resorting to self-study, sheer will, and inner strength.

So, if I can do it you can too! Whatever your dream, your passion, your desire is I am 100% sure you can have it. And I am here to give you tools to be whatever you want to be!

This is me!

Lots of love,

Flora Sofia



Random Facts

I am a gem (ini, that is)!

My first ever dive was with the great white sharks

Growing up my siblings called me Tatá

Some think that I am a Yoga instructor, but I just practice it for passion

My favorite food: dark chocolate, popcorn, and pão-de-queijo

They think I am older then my sister (@#$%*&)!!!

I can’t live without a pair of jeans

My favorite band is DMB

My favorite movie is The Color Purple – that was established when I was 10

I LOOOOOVE men!!! 😀

I carry part of the Amazon jungle with me (it sits on my head)!

My favorite cartoon was The Thundercats

When I was a kid I wanted to be an executive, then a flight attendant, and later a diplomat

My favorite TV show was 21 Jumpstreet

I do have PH but it’s not on my name :p

Model photos and actor updates are on another webpage 🙂