Think About It

There is a very intrinsic aspect to all humans: the desire to thrive.

In our daily lives we do what we do motivated by the need to succeed and, in order to succeed, we go about life looking to improve in our career, health, earnings, our home, our children’s future, and so on. We interact with people all day – people who help us meet our daily goals.

We also look to thrive in our relationships. Because we are social beings we can’t grow and succeed without other people in our lives. We count on our teachers, caregivers, parents, bankers, doctors, financial advisers, friends, significant others, spouses and family members, who contribute to our lives one way or another.

Now, looking at the closest relationships you have: how do you thrive? What are you personally doing in the relationship? What are you giving to the relationship? What are you getting from the relationship? How do you feel in it? How do you make the other person feel? Where are you willing to improve? What do you need to ask that you are not asking? What are you willing to give that person?

You want to feel love just as much as the girl next door. But it’s important that you understand that what you get from the relationship is a direct result of what you give to it. You will get one result by saying what you need and want openly and directly and you will get a different result if you don’t say it, or if you don’t communicate openly, or if you don’t say exactly what you need and want.

Here is a hint: manipulating, threatening, disparaging and other similar strategies will not get you what you want, if what you want is long-term connection and satisfaction. These strategies grow old really fast and make the relationship become sour.


Think about it!


Flora Sofia – Founder of The Beautiful Power and co-author of the book The Change.

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