What an Empowered Woman Looks Like

What an Empowered Woman Looks Like
By Flora Sofia

        It’s Thursday evening, you have just walked into a room full of people greeting each other, being introduced, and networking. It’s a room full of life and you are thrilled to be there because it supports your cause of choice. Through the whole night there is one thing that you (and the rest of the room) can’t help but notice: she is the most popular woman in the room.

        There is this lady who has shown up with barely any makeup on, is dressed simply, people seem to be naturally drawn to, and has that serene look on her face; but you can’t put a finger on what it is about her. Intrigued yet? Well, this is one version of what an empowered woman looks like.

        An empowered woman places little importance in competing with other women because she knows who she is. She intimately knows her worth, her values, the impact she makes, and her purpose. She is guided by that, as well as by how she leads her life and how she carries herself out in the world. The empowered woman knows all there is to know about her and what she is capable of – the positive and the negative – and how what she does impacts everything and everyone around her. Although she knows both sides of herself, her choice is to be in positivity. Once there, not only can she enjoy a higher level of life, but she can also bring people up along with her.

        An empowered woman cares about herself and takes good care of herself in different aspects:

        Her body: this is the temple of her soul and it is sacred to her. She uses it and does it well through dance, sports, and/or other physical activities. She feeds it high quality foods that will make it stronger, more energized, and more attractive. She shares it with only those who have shown to her that they care about what’s inside her.

        Her mind: where she dreams and has ideas and where she creates her future. She keeps it sound and free of negative thoughts as much as possible and she dedicates time to clean up the old gunk, as needed.

        Her heart: it’s the most precious thing; where she keeps those dear to her, where she shares from and where she resorts to in order to find out what makes her who she is.

        Her soul: it’s her direct connection with the divine. It’s the everlasting essence of her, which is the very essence of her Creator; therefore, it’s what makes them One.

        She is in her power and knows that her utmost priority is to belong and be happy with herself (body, mind, heart, and soul) because that is where her greatness and beauty stems from. Fulfilled and joyful, the empowered woman takes pride and is delighted to be the mother, sister, daughter, wife, lover, professional, role model she is to those in her life and to the world.

        The empowered woman is mindful of how she thinks and how she treats others; her mission is to encourage those around her to ascend and reach their greatness. She will never leave someone bent out of shape. When she shows up it’s to make matters better.

         And the evening ends with the actualization of the day’s realization.

         When you spot the empowered woman, say hello. She is a living expression of the Creator. And so are you. Maybe you and she are the same.


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    • things were moving too fast and he got scerad. Well he was the one who came back with me when I drove 500 miles to see him. My point is if you can figure it out is: Don’t move there or tell her you want to or even tell her you love her if you don’t mean it! Karma is a bitch and I feel pitty for all the men who do good women wrong guess that is why there are so many hatefull bitches in this world because men mess up the heads of the good women and well they just turn into the run of the mill evil she devils that were already pleagueing the earth. Hey guys keep it up and eventually WE will ALL be cold hearted because of your lies!

      • Being in a new relationship is very exciting.
        The beginning stages are lovey dovey and all but it’s crucial that you don’t (ever) lose sight of what you want and blindly change your life around because of him.
        Position yourself in a way that if he wants to be with you, first he has to show that he deserves you. Make you the main priority of your life. Give the best to yourself first, have an interesting life by yourself first, and demand that he meets your standards. If he doesn’t he is out of the picture (because you don’t need to baby-sit a grown man), unless he shows you he is going to step up and meet them.
        A man will give you signals all the time. Learn to read them and you will no longer be at the mercy of his decisions – you call the shots. After all it’s your happiness we are talking about.

  1. Well stated Flora. For the woman who is feeling hurt, if you can shift into thinking about what gifts you got out of the relationship and be thankful for those experiences, you can move into gratitude. If you stay angry, hurt and bitter you will create more of that in your life. Don’t hate and put to much negative energy on it because you will ultimately re-create the same experience in a different mans body. It took me several relationships to figure this out. When you feel hurt, resentment or fearful let that be a bell that reminds to instead think of what you want now! That will make you happy and then you will attract a much more worthy partner.

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