What is an Empowered Woman?

Women have innate capabilities that are very important in their personal life and also to society.

For one thing, women can bear children, and that alone is a very important aspect considering they bring life to light. Women affect their surroundings in a very peculiar way and have particular characteristics that impact the world one way or another. When women are happy people see it. The same goes for when women are unhappy. What goes on inside a woman directly impacts how she acts.

The importance of women being empowered speaks to how women manage their power. And, yes, power is one thing that women have. As much as she has the power to positively influence those around her, change the mood of a room, and raise strong and happy children, a woman also has the power to destroy a child’s self esteem, break a home, and break a man’s heart.

When a woman is empowered she uses all of her innate capabilities for the good. When she is dis-empowered chances are she will behave like a desperate woman (from the housewives we see on television to the desperate next-door neighbor).

Unfortunately, it has become common for the desperate woman to prevail over the empowered woman, which has caused the demoralization of womanhood. When we have a great number of the feminine population leading their life with anger, disrespect for others, and lack of common sense, it is somewhat challenging for women as a group to receive the deserved respect.

When a woman is empowered, she knows who she is, is in harmony with it, and owns it with no shame or judgment. She is trend-setting, establishes high standards, and only looks down if she is helping someone up. When women as a group are empowered, they make everything around them better. They are high-quality individuals, outstanding professionals, nurturing and caring mothers and wives, and they make the world a better place because they exist.

In essence, women have the power to make people’s lives better with their presence and also to make someone’s life living hell. 

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