What I learned at Voices from the Soul

Wow! I just had a very interesting (and moving) experience this weekend attending to Voices from the Soul.

So, there is this brilliant woman in San Diego who is doing a fantastic job in breaking the silence. I am referring to Warrior Woman Writer Suzanne Morse, a survivor playwright and founder of Heartfelt Voices United. Through drama, Suzanne showed to the public a wide array of aspects of the rough reality of domestic and sexual violence victims in a 2 hour skits performance that showed the point of view of the victims, their families, the attackers, and what goes on in their minds, hearts, and souls.

It is shocking… learning about the rough aspects of domestic and sexual violence, and child abuse… I can’t imagine how hard it is living through the amount of pain and suffering the girls, boys, and women who live through it (and many don’t survive it) have to endure. There are reports stating that over 37 percent of homicide victims were killed by an acquaintance, 22.2 percent were killed by a stranger, 18.4 percent by an intimate partner, 15 percent by a family member, and 5.5 percent were killed by a friend.*

Suzanne’s writing shows everything about that reality and it is refreshing to see, as it progresses, the journey that reaches a light and wholeness stage in the transformation from being VICTIM, to SURVIVOR, to an EMPOWERED and whole individual. When a person goes through such experience, she or he becomes infused with feelings of self-blame, guild, and justification for the acts of malice they went through and overcoming those feelings is imperative to put together the shattered pieces of a heart and a soul that were once created as WHOLE by the Creator of all.

Domestic and sexual violence happens on campuses, in the military; in our homes… so chances are we all know someone (or of someone) who is a victim. As women all of us share womanhood. As life bearers we have the responsibility to help break the silence. The cost of crime is very high and all of us pay for it with our tax dollars. Don’t let women and children pay with their lives.

If you know someone who is under these harsh circumstances, help them. If you know of someone who needs education in how to be empowered and how to recover and or achieve a healthy level of self-esteem, and transform their lives into positive, fulfilling lives, please share our FREE newsletter and our website with them. We exist to empower women and to guide them to having a rich life.


* (according to the NCVWR)


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